Sunday, April 15, 2012

8 Tips to Help You Remember Your Reusable Shopping Bags



Have you left your reusable shopping bags at home again? Did you forget to put your reusable bags in your car, backpack or handbag? Did you only remember them when you are at the counter, ready to pay? Then these tips will be very useful for you!

1. Choose lightweight and portable reusable bags. These bags are only a few inches in size when packed and don’t take up much space. They can be folded neatly and tucked into your handbag or in a backpack. Make it a habit of carrying these reusable bags with you at all times.

2. Keep your shopping bags in your car. The majority of us take our cars when we run errands and go shopping, so it’s common sense to stow your reusable bags in your vehicle. They could even fit in the glove compartment. Just remember to wash your bags on a regular basis. Don’t just throw your bags in your car and keep them there forever. That way when you get out of the car to do some shopping, just grab your reusable bags and you are good to go!

3. Keep your reusable bags by the door. Which door do you use most in your home? Stash the bags on a hook or in a basket right by the shoe cabinet or door you use most regularly. If you use those big bulky reusable bags from big supermarket chains or Ikea, then it’s a good idea to have the bags by the entrance. The sight of those big bags will always remind you to bring your bags with you when you leave the house.

4. Plan your shopping. Decide on where and when you will go for shopping this week/month and remind yourself to take your reusable shopping bags with you. Perhaps you have certain bags you use for certain stores for shopping reward points. Make sure you have them ready to go when you plan your errands. Besides, it makes good environmental sense to plan your trips so you won't have to drive or travel more than is necessary. Excessive trips waste time, money and fuel.

5. Become a fashion model when going shopping. Use stylish and funky reusable bags to make your shopping experience unforgettable! Reusable bags come in all sorts of sizes and fun patterns and colors. Make or acquire a few that catch your fancy. If you rethink your shopping experience altogether from a boring routine to “showing yourself” to the world, then you will always want to have those bags with you!

6. Purchase a foldable, lightweight bag that is small enough to hook to your keychain, so you will always have at least one reusable bag with you even when you are not driving or carrying a backpack.

7. It makes good economic and environmental sense to draw up a shopping list so you purchase only what you need and don't have to keep returning to the store for things you forgot. At the top of each shopping list, write "BRING REUSABLE BAGS" in bold so that you remember to bring your bags with you as you are taking your list off your fridge door or notice board.

8. Wash your fabric reusable bags on laundry day (they hardly take up any space) to kill germs and remove dirt and odour, and hang them out to dry. Once they are dry, fold and stow them away immediately in your car or backpack so you don't leave them behind on your next shopping trip. If you keep them in your closet, they're doomed to stay there!

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