Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Green Living's Annual Turtle Volunteer Programme 2015

The following is a pictorial report of MNS Green Living's visit-and-volunteer session at the Turtle Conservation and Information Centre in Pengkalan Balak, Melaka. If you are a participant of the said programme, please feel free to save, copy and reuse any photo you like. If you wish to have any of the photos removed or hidden for privacy/confidentiality reasons, please contact the admin of this blog to have the photo removed.
Briefing session in the exhibition room/gallery:
Our very excited and noisy kids attempting to help sell merchandise. Apologies to the researchers trying to listen to a talk in the auditorium!
Cleaning the first turtle holding pond and gently cleaning algae off the carapace of the quarantine turtles:
Cleaning the second turtle holding pond:
"Look at me, I'm a pinecone! I'm just a small floating pinecone!"
(Note: These hatchlings were found by the fishermen and local folk and brought in to the Centre. They will be released at a safe time and place at the earliest opportunity).
Video session in the auditorium:
Cleaning up the hatchery and pulling out weeds:



Beach cleanup session:
Turtle hatchling release session:
Many thanks to all our participants and volunteers for your contribution, hard work and support.
To find out more about the Turtle Conservation and Information Centre, contact them at the numbers and address provided below:

Pusat Konservasi dan Penerangan Penyu
Turtle Conservation and Information Centre
Pantai Padang Kemunting,
Masjid Tanah,
Pengkalan Balak,
Phone/Fax: 06 384 6754
Facebook Profile:!/hawksbill.ecoclub.3

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